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Mortgage Technology 10X Award

MACH3 database marketing from TTP Enterprises   MACH3 - How It Works



Marketing Automation: the Key to Winning the New Game

Marketing Automation is defined by Forrester as “tools and process that help generate new business opportunities, improve potential buyers’ propensity to purchase, manage customer loyalty, and increase alignment between marketing activity and revenue”.

While the pressure to produce remains a constant, the methods by which lenders can reach out to their prospects and customers have dramatically changed. In particular, lenders now find themselves in an environment where mortgage marketing attracts greater scrutiny than ever before, especially from the CFPB and other regulatory agencies.

TTP Enterprises rises to the challenge with MACH3: the mortgage industry’s only compliance-centric enterprise-level Marketing Automation platform. MACH3 provides a controlled environment in which all players in the marketing process are empowered to collaborate in driving high-quality business to the point of sale quickly, efficiently and compliantly.

MACH3 powers superior business performance along two key dimensions.

First, MACH3 uniquely models the entire marketing process for converting opportunity into revenue:

  • Lead capture and qualification
  • Database management and mining
  • Audience segmentation and targeting
  • Content creation, storage and management
  • Multi-media delivery (including print mail)
  • Fast and secure execution and fulfillment
  • Real-time response tracking and reporting

Second, MACH3’s collaborative environment leverages the expertise of all players in the process:

  • Corporate/regional management
  • Compliance / legal counsel
  • Branch management
  • Business strategists
  • Creative specialists
  • Brand managers
  • Loan originators

In addition, MACH3 provides multiple management control features including authorization loops, system alerts and a comprehensive audit trail. And for loan originators MACH3 incorporates the mortgage industry’s leading CRM for maximizing individual performance and productivity.

In summary, MACH3 is the mortgage industry’s only marketing solution that enables lenders to:

  • Enhance competitive advantage
  • Increase market share
  • Stay legal and compliant
  • Protect corporate branding
  • Boost operational efficiency
  • Grow profitable relationships
  • Attract and retain top talent