“Set it and forget it” technology that drives high-quality business to the point-of-sale and accelerates long-term profitability

In the mortgage industry, where loan officers find themselves operating in an increasingly complex and regulated environment, “set it and forget it” Marketing Automation is more urgently needed than ever. After all, you want your LOs to focus 100% on what they do best: originating and closing loans.

Beyond CRM

Marketing Automation delivers to lenders a reduction in the cost per lead, increases the ROI from marketing campaigns and significantly improves borrower acquisition rates. In today’s highly competitive and highly regulated lending environment, lenders must not only be able  to quickly and effectively generate  new business, they must also do it in a compliant manner. This is the promise on which  enterprise-level mortgage-specific Marketing Automation delivers where traditional CRM couldn’t.

Compliance And Control

These days we’re all operating in a stringently regulated environment. Communications with leads, customers and even referral partners – whether driven from the center or by loan originators – must be controlled, but without inhibiting genuine creativity and individual initiative. One of MACH3’s most distinctive features is that it establishes a controlled environment in which ingenuity and enterprise are able to flourish. It does this by providing five levels of management control – including outright prohibition, online alerts, real-time oversight and comprehensive reporting. A unique built-in authorization loop ensures that all marketing materials are approved by your nominated managers – for example: compliance officer, brand supervisor – before being made available for use. When anything is created, copied or changed, these managers are notified by system-generated e-mail. They are free to approve or amend or even delete the item.

Analytics and reporting

Revealing Mission-Critical Metrics. 

In the end it’s all about results. That’s why MACH3 delivers a wide-ranging analysis of your company’s and originators’ production and tracks marketing activity driven through the system. MACH3 intelligently delivers essential information – including the value of your clients, referral partners and other sources of business – and readily reveals opportunities for incremental sales.

Predefined reports include:

  • Production Analysis
  • Mailing Activity
  • Source of Business
  • Branch Productivity
  • Loan Officer Productivity
  • Realtor Referrals

Post-Close Marketing Automation

Foundation For Your Long-Term Success

LoyaltyWise® Automated Programs maximize the retention of current clients and the revival of past clients. These pre-determined sequences of strategically timed marketing communications typically run for up to three years (or more) and can be extended at any time. TTP’s experience over many years has demonstrated that a well-configured LoyaltyWise® Automated Program lays the firmest possible foundation for long-term success – not only by generating a steady flow of referrals, repeat sales and cross-sales from a loyal audience, but also by ensuring maximum response to on-demand Custom Campaigns.


According to Gartner: “Marketing Automation will remain the highest growth sales and marketing software sector with a 10.7% CAGR through 2016, thereby reaching just under $4.7 billion market value.” Why this upsurge of interest in Marketing Automation? It’s because, for the first time, there’s robust technology that frees your loan officers to focus on what they do best: originating and closing loans.

Gartner (www.gartner.com) identifies three distinct segments within the broad category of “sales and marketing” software:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer service and support
  • Sales (including CRM products)

Marketing Automation is an enterprise-wide application. Driven by central marketing, the system does the work so that your loan officers don’t have to. Outbound communications addressed to new leads, applicants in-process, closed customers and referral partners are precisely targeted, highly personalized and compliantly fulfilled via print and electronic media.