Your Marketing Team’s Best Friend

TTP’s revolutionary MACH3 provides you with a solution to demonstrate your marketing genius while compliantly maintaining brand consistency across the entire organization. MACH3 enhances the Marketing Genius in you to drive business through increased efficiency with a custom company marketing library. Consistent, relevant communication can easily be sent to all contacts companywide through each milestone in the loan process including the lead and post close stages.

  • Unleash your marketing genius
  • Automate your marketing activities
  • Experience a surge in your response rates
  • Provide consistent and relevant marketing content
  • Produce high quality content more quickly
  • Easily strengthen your marketing compliance
  • Drive brand consistency throughout organization

Experience a surge in response rates by communicating through all possible channels; email, mail and phone. Client retention increases by communicating more effectively than your competitions’ standard email marketing. Strengthen compliance with easy tracking and approval processes for those loan originators who want to easily create custom marketing. Unleash your marketing genius with TTP’s MACH3 solution.

Top Features


MACH3 uniquely models the entire marketing process for converting opportunity into revenue

  • Lead capture and qualification
  • Database management and mining
  • Audience segmentation and targeting
  • Content creation, storage and management
  • Multi-media delivery (including print mail)
  • Fast and secure execution and fulfillment
  • Real-time response tracking and reporting 


Powerful Tools

The easiest solution for collaboration and distribution available anywhere.


Here you’ll find hundreds of ready-to-go marketing materials that have been professionally prepared by TTP Enterprises. Choose from postcards, letters, greeting cards, newsletters, emails, and much more. The materials are categorized by format, purpose and audience for easy access to exactly what you need. Content is constantly refreshed to target current business opportunities. In addition there are holiday greetings, home maintenance tips, recipe cards … something for every occasion.

Copy and Edit

You’re welcome to take TTP's materials and adapt them to meet your specific needs and brand standards. That’s why you’ll find a “copy” button against each item in the Marketing-Toolbox library. Clicking the button allows you to make a copy of the piece in your company’s private library, where you can edit it as necessary. You can even limit access to a specific branch or branches: for example, allowing only reverse mortgage specialists to view reverse mortgage content.


Creative Tools

Online activity builder gives you creative freedom where you need it.

Create Activities

The “create activity” button in your company library enables you to design marketing materials from scratch. Clicking the button takes you into a simple wizard that guides you through the steps that turn your marketing ideas into actionable content – in three minutes or less.

Set Up An Activity Series

With MACH3’s unique Activity Series Builder (ASB) it’s never been easier to create end-to-end “set it and forget it” marketing for all contact types: prospects, applicants (in-process), borrowers (closed customers) and business partners. The ASB’s setup wizard guides you through the following simple steps:

Make the series available to all or any subset of loan officers

  • Define target audience criteria for the series (e.g. per bucket)
  • Select the marketing materials you want from the content library
  • Specify the trigger event or date for generating each activity
  • Choose pay up-front or pay-as-you-go for each activity
  • Set the series to run for as many years as you want
  • Implement an optional pause following activity fulfillment
  • Enable system-generated e-mail notification to loan officers