Executives Experience the Power of MACH3

TTP’s MACH3 is a proven enterprise-wide marketing automation solution that supports you and your specific initiatives to address market conditions. Each person in your organization that is involved with driving growth is empowered to focus on what they do best.  For example, Loan Originators are free to close more loans, instead of having to create custom marketing materials. C-level executives are presented with sophisticated, yet easy to use tools for more effective oversight and management, while marketing managers can demonstrate their marketing genius and compliantly maintain brand consistency across the entire organization.

  • Establish consistent long term profitability
  • Yield unseen business opportunities
  • Leapfrog the competition
  • Reduce marketing compliance risk
  • Attract new talent and retain top producers
  • Automate company branded marketing

Maximize your marketing efforts with the most powerful mortgage specific marketing automation and world-class support that consistently produces results.  Unleash your marketing genius… with TTP’s revolutionary MACH3.


Top Features


MACH3 provides tools and process that help generate new business opportunities, manage customer loyalty, and increase alignment between marketing activity and revenue.

On the marketing side of every mortgage company’s operations, as much as any other, it means that management has to take a much more active role in ensuring its brand and its products are correctly and compliantly represented in the marketplace. Communications with prospects, customers and even referral partners – whether driven from the center or by loan originators – must be controlled, but without inhibiting genuine creativity and individual initiative.

Authorization Loop

Built into MACH3 is the ability to carefully manage marketing content and activities and to customize access ultimately reducing marketing compliance risk.

A built-in authorization loop ensures that all content is approved by your nominated managers – for example: compliance officer, brand supervisor – before it’s made available for use in activity series and on-demand campaigns. When you copy, change or create any marketing material, the managers are notified by system-generated e-mail. They are free to approve or amend or even delete the item.

Reports and Audits

Tools for measuring and tracking marketing activity and response rates.

In the end it’s all about results. That’s why MACH3 delivers a wide-ranging analysis of your company’s and originators’ production and tracks marketing activity driven through the system. MACH3 intelligently delivers essential information – including the value of your clients, referral partners and other sources of business – and readily reveals opportunities for incremental sales.