Compliance and Control

Regulation. It’s everywhere these days. And on the marketing side of every mortgage company’s operations, as much as any other, it means that management has to take a much more active role in ensuring its brand and its products are correctly and compliantly represented in the marketplace. Communications with prospects, customers and even referral partners – whether driven from the center or by loan originators – must be controlled, but without inhibiting genuine creativity and individual initiative. One of MACH3’s most distinctive features is that it establishes a controlled environment in which ingenuity and enterprise are able to flourish. It does this by providing management with five levels of control over the players in the marketing process. All you have to do is decide what degree of control you want to exercise in relation to each of the system’s key functions. For example, you can make sure that Loan Officers are unable to edit company information or upload unacceptable graphics or run on-demand campaigns that breach corporate guidelines.

The levels of management control available in MACH3 are as follows, working down from the most to the least restrictive:

  1. Prohibition: Different types of users can be prevented from accessing a system function, or even an entire page, by means of MACH3’s “permissions” capability.
  2. Authorization: Marketing materials created by users at lower levels in the corporate hierarchy cannot be implemented until approved at the center.
  3. Alert: A defined set of fields is monitored and changes reported via a feed on the MACH3 Home page, enabling quick action to remedy any departure from company policy.
  4. Oversight: Users at higher levels in the corporate hierarchy can “impersonate” users at lower levels, giving management an instant window on the activities of Loan Officers.
  5. Reporting: MACH3’s “My Reports” module provides information that allows management to hold users at lower levels accountable for their performance.

Authorization Loop

Built into MACH3 is the ability to carefully manage marketing content and activities and to customize access ultimately reducing marketing compliance risk. A built-in authorization loop ensures that all content is approved by your nominated managers – for example: compliance officer, brand supervisor – before it’s made available for use in activity series and on-demand campaigns. When you copy, change or create any marketing material, the managers are notified by system-generated e-mail. They are free to approve or amend or even delete the item.