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As a fully automated marketing system, MACH3 combines print and digital marketing automation that allows lenders to progressively reach clients and effectively drive new business and retain clients.  MACH3 also offers on-demand marketing with over 1,000 individual multi-media pieces to choose from in our Marketing-Toolbox. 

Loan officers, as well as corporate companies can rely on MACH3's strategic campaign targeting to ensure lenders reach the right audience, at the right time, with the right marketing content. MACH3's data segmentation tools and concise database organization make it easy to develop an individualized or enterprise level strategy to target specific audiences. 

MACH3’s built-in authorization loops and oversight features dramatically cut the cost of ensuring marketing compliance. Loan officers are able to enjoy MACH3’s remarkable capabilities just as easily as marketing teams, while management can rest assured their work meets regulatory requirements and corporate brand standards.

Loan production tracking delivers an unprecedented insight into the production statistics company wide. MACH3's reporting dashboard tracks loan productivity volume from an enterprise level as well as individual loan officer level. MACH3 also has tools and charts to help compare originations, track automated output, build marketing fulfillment reports, and more!