LoyaltyWise Automated Marketing Program

With MACH3’s unique Activity Series Builder (ASB) it’s never been easier to create your own LoyaltyWise® Automated Program to provide “set it and forget it” marketing for all contact types: prospects, applicants (in-process), borrowers (closed customers) and business partners. The ASB’s setup wizard guides you through the following simple steps:

  • Make the series available to all or any subset of loan officers
  • Define target audience criteria for the series (e.g. per bucket)
  • Develop a customized LoyaltyWise® Automated Program from over 1,000 mortgage specific marketing pieces found in our extensive content library
  • Specify the trigger event or date for generating each activity
  • Choose pay up-front or pay-as-you-go for each activity
  • Set the series to run for as many years as you want
  • Implement an optional pause following activity fulfillment
  • Enable system-generated e-mail notification to loan officers

With company permission, branch managers and individual loan officers can augment any series.

When contact data is entered into your MACH3 database, the relevant LoyaltyWise® series is automatically attached to each contact based on your target audience criteria.